Longtan Grand Canyon
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To fulfill their social responsibility to realize scientific development
-- Luoyang Wanshan Lake Tourism Co. Ltd. Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Spot
Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Spot is the center view, Meishan World Geological Park, located in the town of Shijing Xin'an County southwest of Luoyang City, backed by history
Be known to all the world cultural city - Luoyang, adjacent to the Xiaolangdi Dam area, the geographical position is superior. Lian Huo highway, 310 National Highway, Longhai railway running through the county
City, county area directly to S246 highway, 70 kilometers away from Luoyang, the traffic is very convenient. Canyon 12 kilometers in length, 5.5 for the tour landscape
Km, 10 meters wide, the narrowest point is only more than 1 meters. U type rock gorge, waterfalls, river lake beads, stroll theplank Road, can
A taste of red cliff, clear water, blue sky Valley, constitute a wonderful picture, also can appreciate the sandstone cross bedding, ripple marks the level of differ in thousands of ways
Collapse and Mountains fall and the earth splits. wonders, is considered by experts as "Chinese 1st gorge", "Ko Mihiro Natural Museum" and "the Yellow River landscape gallery". Unique
The resource endowments which occupies an important position in the tourism market.
Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Spot in 2005 by the Luoyang Wanshan Lake tourism company development and construction, the year was named the National Geological Park, tourists
The number of 150000 people, and create a new area of the province's "day" built in the year 100000 visitors over the 06 years of precedent, ranked as the world geological park,
07 years of approval for the state AAAA class tourist attractions, three years to take the three step; for 09 years by the China Association for science and technology assessment for the "national popular science education base
"In January 14, 2013, was officially approved as a national AAAAA level scenic spots. Expert review of UNESCO, the United Nations World Geological Park
Dr. Nilas praised the Longtan Grand Canyon is "the world's most beautiful canyon" and "worthy of everyone in the world see the canyon"; in February last year, with China
The international influence of CNN CNN top 40 most beautiful scenic spots China, Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Spot in Henan is the only selected.
Scenic area of rapid increase in popularity and reputation at the same time, the economic benefit is also achieved substantial growth, average annual growth of more than 20% the number of reception,
Business income average annual growth of more than 30%, in 2013 the tourist reception capacity of more than 700000 people, operating income reached 30000000 yuan, asset valuation reached
450000000 yuan.
A short span of nine years, Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic spot can achieve such a good performance and brilliant achievements, this is mainly due to the company
Advanced business philosophy, to highlight the unique charm of the enterprise culture. The company always adhere to the "first-class, first-class resources development, first-class management, first-class service"
The concept, with "according to law, integrity management, to create excellence, return to the community" for the purpose, adhere to the "humanization, ecology, standardization, a
Nature, digitalization, internationalization "principle, and constantly improve the scenic area management and service level, enhance the core competitiveness of the scenic spots, to achieve the economic
The organic unity of benefit, social benefit and ecological benefit, laid a solid foundation for the comprehensive and sustainable development.
As a responsible enterprise, the company has never put the "return on investment", "profit maximization" "law" as the enterprise management
The pursuit of the goal, but establish the strategic vision of long-term investment, to build the tourism industry "a hundred years" as the goal, to achieve the sustainable utilization
Utilization and sustainable development; establish the resources belong to the people, the development of people's interests and shared values, adhere to the people, return to the community, to win
The old people's reputation, to win social reputation, in January 2013, the company was named "Henan Province, the first private enterprises to fulfill their social responsibility of the top ten enterprises".
The fulfillment of corporate social responsibility, adhere to the scientific development is mainly reflected in the following three aspects --
To help people, to repay the society. Different from most other Longtan Grand Canyon scenic tourist attractions, is in the process of development, not
The local residents to move out, but let them stay, driving them out of poverty through the development and construction of scenic spots. Scenic spots in the undeveloped before,
Longtan ditch village is the poor village is also famous, near the famous "Bachelor village", some a brothers because of poverty can not find a wife. The company
In the development process, to stimulate local farmers to get rich, to promote the employment of farmers as a bounden duty, only the area of the core investment, only
Scenic tour tickets and car income, and the catering, accommodation, shopping, stall, farmers do business projects to local farmers, large
Large broaden income sources of farmers. The lack of funds, lack of business minded and skills, as well as the sick and elderly, will arrange for them to engage in
Sanitation, cleaning and other work, so that the village 100% of the labor force to eat the "tourism food", to achieve full employment. At the same time, all the construction projects of Scenic Area
All give priority to local construction team, according to incomplete statistics, since only the development of scenic spots, Longtan ditch village and the surrounding village contracted engineering project investment
Sales amounted to more than 8400 yuan, a few people get rich quick by contracting the project, a group of farmers income increase by at home workers. In the past,
Longtan ditch village more than 100 households, more than 500 people, who lives in the "stone house", now 90% households live on the spacious and bright "small building" past ";
Stick village ", now outside the village girl to marry here, and even foreign guy here to do the door son-in-law; some work in the field of local
People have returned home,

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