With a small baby travel note

As young parents, you will certainly want to bring the beloved baby go to travel, let your baby and you enjoy the fun of traveling. If there is going to be, before the trip to find out in detail with the baby out of the need to pay attention, otherwise what the situation is bad.
Baby expenses
The baby s
At present, the travel agency for children's fare is also no uniform standards and regulations, but according to the different requirements of different purposes and different days and different airlines to develop children's price. Some agencies for the relevant product to the baby in the basis of adult price to charge a fee, but some products will be a fee waiver to the baby, in the former must ask.
Baby fly
Infants under 2 years of age to purchase 10% of the adult fare, not occupying a separate seat. Such as the need to occupy a separate seat, the child should be the purchase of tickets; the full 2 years of age and children under the age of 12 to 50% of the adult fare ticket.
Each adult passenger can only have one child to enjoy this ticket, valid documents at the time of purchase should be provided for children, infant's date of birth, such as birth certificates, residence booklet.
The baby train
Height less than 1.1 meters of adult guardianship of children, can be free to take the train, and the adult can be allowed to share a sleeper. If more than one child more than the number, only to buy tickets for children. 1.1 meters tall dissatisfaction to the child sleeping alone, only to buy a sleeper ticket, do not need to buy ticket.
Height 1.1 to 1.4 meters can be accompanied by adult children, do not buy the same block tickets for children, the peer adult ticket by 12 ticket purchase.
Railway authorities to allow children to carry 10 kilograms of luggage, without any additional charges.
The baby looks at the tourist attraction
In accordance with the specific requirements of each site, the majority of children free of charge, or discount tickets.
Special remind
In the following cases, children may not be able to enjoy fee waivers: A. carrying the baby on a charter flight, train travel; B. carrying the baby to go abroad (border) tourism. In addition, the railway passenger provisions of the "children" must have "two conditions of children" and "height", if not adult height of 1.4 meters, or more than 1.4 meters tall children, can not be regarded as the children's charge.
The baby and collection
In order to avoid the "while Xing and disappointing," tourism regret, not only to understand the line before the baby may be the occurrence of the disease, but also to master self-help and help seeking method of temporary.
To deal with motion sickness (some of the children in the car, ship, plane, due to the inner ear balance system is especially sensitive to motion caused dizziness, nausea and vomiting, dizziness, pale, diarrhea and other symptoms of motion sickness)
Do not feed the fried or fatty foods before the ride; to maintain the air flow inside the car, do not have a strong smell of food or cigarettes, gasoline, away from smokers; sitting in the front seat beside the driver, in order to reduce turbulence; can give your baby to eat cookies, candy or mustard, drink a few drinks to if the case of dehydration, vomiting should be eating food. Ready to plastic bags, toilet paper and water for the baby, and vomiting to be spit on the inside dirt, rinse with water, eliminating bad smell, wipe the corners of the mouth.
Deal with gastrointestinal disease (most commonly manifested as loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting)
At the beginning of time should guarantee the full rest, eliminate fatigue, should often give the child according to the change of the environment change clothes; pay attention to food hygiene, less difficult to digest the local characteristic food, diet and try to rule and control, not overeating, get in the habit of drinking, washing hands before and after; if there is vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms, can be feed some salt containing food or rice porridge, add fluid loss; mild symptoms may take the intestinal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as severe symptoms should be early to the hospital.
To deal with the cold (for sustained high fever, runny nose, sore throat, cough, stuffy nose, etc.)
Increase or decrease with climate change clothes, to prevent catching a cold. If you have flu symptoms, your baby should be allowed to rest, to keep the body warm, drink plenty of warm boiling water, use warm water to wipe his forehead, and consider taking fever or pain, if have a fever for more than 24 hours, should be immediately sent to hospital for treatment.
Against infectious disease
If you go out in the influenza season, vaccination should be carried out in advance; if it is found that the tourism area of infectious diseases, such as chicken pox, measles and so on, should be immediately transferred or termination of travel.
Deal with accident damage
When you travel, children often because of the excitement and appear to fall, sprains and so on small accident. If the bruising swelling, heat or ice should be hastened. Although some small injury is not serious, but if not handled properly, can lead to a lifelong risk of injury. Therefore, special attention should be paid to avoid baby burns, falls, drowning, accidental exposure to toxic drugs or chemicals.
The baby preparations
Application: for you to carry baby s Application in front, must be of age, height and lodging are separate children bed and other information truthfully inform the travel agency; the children enjoy the expense related to the information written in the travel contract.
Psychological preparation: Mom and dad prior to the baby to go out the psychological preparation is necessary, you can advance to describe interesting travel, let your baby full of expectation on tourism.
Packing: let the baby also helped him (her), a favorite toy with him, so that he (she) is more at ease. Children's clothing, food, medicines, trolleys, ready to be good. Usually drink milk baby, want to carry more than ready to replace the bottle.
Essential medicines: analgesics and antipyretics, antidiarrheal, stomach medicine, cough expectorant drugs, antibiotics, motion sickness medicine, trauma medicine, alcohol cotton, gauze

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