Longtan Grand Canyon
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  • Ambergris Tan
    Ambergris Tan: this cliff between the spring, forming continuous drip renju landscape, such as dragon spit saliva, a tan, and become the dragon and aggregation, called ambergris tan.
  • Yin and Yang Tan
    Yin and Yang Tan: consists of two pools connected together, like a waist gourd, a depth of about 12 meters. Because of the high gorge in the sun is not uniform, light and shade is different, so there a…
  • The first waterfall
    The first waterfall waterfall waterfall: also known as a flying training / Silver Hanging Day in practice: up to 50 meters of the cliff with a trickle down from the V shape and narrow valleys, like a B…
  • Black Dragon Pool
    Black dragon Pool: Black dragon Pool Longtan Grand Canyon is 1200000000 years after the formation of the Mesoproterozoic quartz sandstone in the background of the new tectonic movement, the development…
  • Reed pond
    Reed pond: from the Longtan Grand Canyon stone niche sites and on the back, the canyon widens, the flow slows down, the sediment deposition in the bottom, along with the growth of aquatic plants, a foo…
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