Chinese Malaysia tourists hijacked

If you were robbed

If encountered robbery, particularly if they can hurt you, don't try to fight, the robber to what to what. Don't look into the other person's eyes, otherwise they will think you remember their looks, will make the situation worse. If released, will quickly and quietly leave, don't panic. Try to find the police.


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If the face tracking

When you find to be followed when must not panic, even if they have defense capabilities, also do not hastily shot, because the premise in unclear circumstances, a party may follow even perhaps more dangerous weapons, like this.
In this case, through various ways to give each other a message, you have noticed him, if you can not get rid of, as far as possible into the high places, such as hotels, restaurants, clothing stores, if you still can not get rid of it as soon as possible, a taxi back to the hotel.

If the children "under siege"

In the play, first of all to hide valuables, if not necessary, do not put valuables in the best side, can be sent in the hotel safe. Secondly, if have to carry a bag to go out, also want to pay attention to the way in front of pack, such as oblique, and ensure that the things in their range of vision. To remind the man, had better not habitually wallet in your back pocket, the probability of theft will be high.

If the local more than a "car thief"

In the motorcycle more countries, we should pay special attention to the coaster robbery. First, avoid walking at night in the middle of the road, even if a few people together is more dangerous. Secondly, pay special attention to the movement behind him, as long as heard behind a motorcycle speeding sound, we should pay special attention to clamp the belongings, let each other know rob difficult.


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If encounter embezzle

The Customs at the airport, many people will think that this is the safety zone, it can be assured. But some of the recent burst of airport security embezzlement thing, remind you in airport security. This situation may also exist in the world, people have tried in the Holland airport customs check baggage, the baggage on the conveyor belt, and then back in front of the security and friends say goodbye, do not want to after a conveyor belt, rubber basket brand glasses take wings to itself. Inspection officer asked, they said do not know. What is the official embezzlement or clearance of passengers lead away the sheep by the way, have no way to check.


The occurrence of this situation, if from the computer time is long, proposed "to make big things". Immediately the complaint, because the thief must be near. But if in some backward countries, may not complain, only this time the bad luck. So to sum up, in the security at the airport in time at the best plastic basket items, or to a plastic bag, fragmentary goods loaded into another X light, so that more secure.

If the passport is lost or stolen

The passport is lost in the overseas situation often occurs, how to prevent the loss of passport? The passport is lost how to do? In order to prevent the occurrence of more serious situation, grasp the overseas travel documents if emergency critical.
The first step: the first time to the local police station to report the loss
If the passport is lost, should go to the local police station or the police to report the loss as soon as possible. The police report - - - - - the record of inquiry transcripts counterparts record - police administrative leadership signature - police official seal. In many countries of destination, it is a very important police or immigration daily in the process, the general day to get the police to prove.
Tip: to the police station to report the loss of this step is very important, the country where the loss of passport issued by the police proved to be one of the materials necessary to apply for a travel permit. When the alarm can be directly to the police station, police can call the local.
The second step: to apply for a travel permit or passport
In the lost passport, travel to the country's Chinese embassy or consulate to submit passport or travel permit, to return home. For the relevant documents, issued by the local police to traveller passport lost certificate, copy of passport and other documents.
The new regulations will be regular passport issuance time is 15 working days from the date of receipt of the application, of course, not be the person to travel abroad so long time, suggest that apply for a travel permit. Under normal circumstances the embassy to apply for a travel permit to be 4 working days, urgent need only 2 working days.


The third step: to return to re submit the passport
After returning home, visitors can go back to account for the location of the exit entry certificate center, provide documents lost in the local paper, the alarm that the travel agency, or in accordance with the provisions of the relevant departments, in the designated newspapers lost data, three items of information selected to one. The alarm of paper is the most convenient method

If you travel you irritable

The car, took out hundred dollar bills and to the air; the waiting room, clutching his bag make a hullabaloo about even cry; the edge of the platform, suddenly jumped onto the tracks...... Journey exhausted, depressed mood and tension will cause a journey syndrome, the disease manifested as a transient psychotic disorders.

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