Science -- travel safety tips

1, tourists to participate in group travel tourism should be effective and travel agencies signed a travel contract, clearly the rights and obligations,
The proposed blind travel insurance personal accident insurance.
2, the delegation of tourism is not allowed to leave the team alone, during the night or free activities should go out together.
3, do not travel with the tour of valuables, pay attention to the personal and property security.
4, travel should be based on the age characteristics and physical condition choice of tourist routes and tourism projects, and has the essential drugs
Product, provide against any misfortune.
5, travel and hotel hygiene and safety conditions better accommodation, recommended to choose Star Hotel, famous brand hotel.
6, travel, pay attention to health, eating into the health condition good restaurants, dining recommendations Fencan system.
7, travel should master the basic knowledge of disease prevention, not to the infectious disease epidemic to travel.
8, to carry valuables in the hotel, should be promptly at the front desk for valuables procedures. Must keep closed, leaving the room
And keep the key.
9, check in at the hotel room door post observation for the safe evacuation of schematic diagram, familiar with the safety position within the hotel channel.
10, hotels do not smoke in bed, not in room cooking with fire, since then, the power supply wire.
11, hotel shall not carry inflammable and explosive chemicals, toxic substances and other prohibited items.
12, the hotel in case of fire, do not use the elevator, should quickly from the safe passage of the nearest evacuation. To escape, with a wet towel.
Cover your mouth and nose, and crawl, so as not to breathe in the smoke.
13, in the process should keep in mind the hotel name and phone calls, and take the tourist car license plate number, travel by boat to avoid disputes
To fear.
14, engaged in water sports entertainment activities, should wear a life jacket or other equipment.
15, participate in rafting, adventure, bungee jumping, climbing, cable car and other dangerous traveling project, should strictly abide by relevant security
The matters needing attention. Suffering from mental disease, hypertension, heart disease, dementia disease patients and pregnant women, the elderly, children
And the disabled should not participate in incompatible with the physical condition of the tourism project.
16, when you travel in rainy days, the mountain slope, should pay attention to the safety of the road.
17, the scenic (points) play, should strictly abide by the scenic (points) safety tips and alarm settings.
18, the journey to buy food should pay attention to food hygiene, to prevent the occurrence of diarrhea disease journey.
19, travel accident accident, don't be confound at the relevant departments, should be timely assistance.
20, advocate a civilized travel, pay attention to their words and deeds, not be meddlesome, raising awareness of self protection.
Risk of 21, travel time, should turn to the local public security organs rapidly

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