Longtan Grand Canyon
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Speech by Chairman / General Manager

Dear employees:
Welcome you to become a member of the Luoyang Wanshan Lake Tourism Co. ltd.! Here, we will fight together, to share sb.'s joys and sorrows, tourism
The vigorous development and the common struggle! Our mission and glorious mission, our responsibility and obligation to. Every one of the company's
In front of staff, rules and regulations, all are equal, all enjoy equal rights, equal to the duties in accordance with the company system and job performance
The company duty, respect for the law, regulations and enterprise rules entitled to all the rights of every employee.
In order to know your basic rights and obligations, the company to make the "Employee Handbook", it is our basic norms and
Action guide. To create a healthy, orderly, civilized working environment, in order to better tomorrow, I would like to follow the initiative:
The employee handbook, to comply with company rules and regulations, the successful completion of the mission, dedication, hard work, make concerted efforts, group
Solidarity and unity, to jointly promote the development of company business faster and better! Share the development achievement!

                                                                                                                       Luoyang Wanshan Lake Tourism Company Limited

                                                                                                                             The chairman of the board of directors or the general manager

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