Exceptional weather emergency knowledge

One, big mist
The fog, refers to when a large number of small water droplets suspended in the air in the near surface layer, a weather phenomenon, visibility less than 500 meters.
Heavy fog, dust, waste gas and other harmful substances in emissions of the city easily remain in the surface layer in the air, the shadow
Affected human health.
Emergency points:
The driver should control the speed, distance, open anti fog, pay close attention to the road.
Travel - the fog weather, people should pay attention to traffic safety, and to make appropriate protection, to reduce the inhalation of harmful gases.
Expert tips:
The respiratory disease or heart and lung diseases, try not to go out the fog weather.
The foggy air humidity is big, the power equipment insulation surface possible breakdown phenomenon, caused widespread power outages,
Home should prepare emergency lighting appliances.
Two, cold
The cold, is a large range of autumn and winter the fierce cooling phenomenon.
Intense cooling and wind cold air brought easily induced by cold, respiratory system disease, is caused by hypertension, myocardial
One of the main causes of infarction, stroke and other diseases, the late autumn and early spring crops also have a greater impact.
Emergency points:
- note add warm clothing, especially in elderly patients, and try to avoid going out.
- reinforced doors and windows, partitions, scaffolding, temporary structures such as easily wind blows the objects, the proper placement of susceptible to cold high
The outdoor articles wind effect.
The agriculture, fisheries, animal husbandry, do a good job in cold wind measures.
Expert tips:
The time eating, try to drink less alcohol and caffeine containing beverages.
We pay attention to the latest information released to the media about the government, cooling, in order to take further measures to.
Three, hail
Hail, refers to the diameter of the solid precipitation 5 mm. Often accompanied by strong winds, rapid cooling and thunder, is a kind of
Agricultural production of dangerous weather disasters short-time strong. Hail fell faster, greater impact on people, animals, flowers,
Grass trees and crops will cause serious harm.
Emergency points:
- good lightning protection for vulnerable to hail, the proper placement of outdoor goods, cars and other effects.
The elderly, children try not to go out.
Four, the roads are icy
Road icing, is because of the low temperature caused the road icing phenomenon. The main roads traffic safety, such as vehicle.
To get out of control, braking distance, the pedestrian is easy to slip.
Emergency points:
The driver should take anti-skid measures, paying attention to the road, slow down.
The people go out to Slippery Surface, prevent falls, sprains.

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