Outdoor travel notes

Spring climate is constantly changing, wind, dry; a variety of activities and more frequent human activity, easily lead to a fire.
1 do not smoke in the non-smoking area, do not throw cigarette butts, matches; education of children not to play with fire.
2 please note that the area safety warning signs, is strictly prohibited in the scenic forest fire picnic, fireworks;
3 take care of their children, do not let the children of electrical equipment to tamper with the scenic area;
4 enter the scenic area in accordance with the provisions of the vehicle please park, must ensure that the public channel, safety exit;
Warning signs and fire facilities do not move in the area of 5;
6 without the Administration agreed to, it is strictly prohibited to tie wire.
Plan to travel before the matters needing attention:
1 plan to travel before passport, national visa period of validity of the certificate; most countries require a passport valid for 6
Months or more.
2 before starting the best first collection of local tourist information, a good plan, it can not only make full use of the precious time,
Can reduce happening contrary to expectation.
3 travel should be pre purchased travel insurance, in order to reduce travel time some is unexpected expenses and losses.
4 before you go to the local weather conditions for clothing, especially the trip to the big temperature difference between day and night in the area, should be
Prepare enough clothes.
5 although many hotels provide personal care products such as shower liquid, shampoo, hair products, towels, toothbrush, shaver, but
They brought a, for possible period of want or need.
6 the amount of drug is travel required, such as the check mark paste, mosquito repellents, motion sickness pills, eye drops, plaster, intestines and stomach pill
And so on. If the long-term use of drugs of chronic diseases (such as: lowering blood pressure or blood glucose lowering drugs), should also bring together.
7 the voltage of each country is different, so to bring the travel switch plug, convenient charging for mobile phone, camera etc..
The 8 best before traveling to query whether there are two different exchange rate, some local, local currency exchange rate is relatively high, the passengers
With a small amount of local currency options, arriving after the change enough cash. The other passengers are advised to bring credit to, to
Prepare for possible period of want or need.
You must first query local emergency telephone number 9 before the trip, so that in case of emergency rescue.

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