Hainan to Sanya travel tips

Hainan Sanya travel to remind

Get ready

Travel to Sanya, how to prepare to go?

1, clothing with sweat absorbent, breathable, quick drying clothes, you should try to select a good permeability. Do not bring too many clothes, night clothes, second days to do.

2, have good waterproof sunscreen index above 40, sunscreen, but also to prepare some of the prevention of heat stroke, the stomach diseases, mosquitoes do not bite, anti mosquito bites potion.

3, do not swim to the beach is really to live up to the scenery, so swimming appliances must not forget to bring swimsuit, swimming cap, Shuijing, towels, slippers, are the best band, some hotels provide towels, slippers, it can save energy.


Eats the seafood to pay attention to what?

1, eat seafood, drink white wine and vinegar appropriate, but not to eat seafood drink beer, because eating seafood drink a lot of beer will produce too much uric acid can cause gout.

2, after eating seafood, not to eat cold drinks, watermelon and other foods within one hour, and don't go swimming;

3, seafood rich in protein, easy on the protein allergy oh please do not bulimia. (seafood poisoning iscaused by this.)

Eat tropical fruit notes.

1, tropical fruits can not be greedy, such as mango, pineapple to eat more, very easy to get angry.

2, fasting can not eat pineapple, star fruit. Especially for people with diabetes should not eat star fruit, have life risk.

3, there are green coconut palm, coconut, coconut red yellow, red coconut is best, followed by yellow coconut. Noon pick coconuts to the most sweet, and coconut water can make clothes discolorationon the clothes, it is difficult to clean.


The movement to pay attention to what?

To prepare for the activities of the 1, in order to prevent cramps before swimming, swimming tosafety in the activities of the region, the water does not feel should be as soon as possible to come ashore to rest. Not swimming immediately after eating cold drinks, watermelon, seafood and otherfood.

2, swimming to protect your property to carry items. Valuables should not be placed in the clothesinside, should be sent special storage or care. Tourists with children, should take good care of their children to participate in water sports, do not let their own activities.

3, to participate in the high-speed motor boats, seaplanes, high-speed cruise activities, visitors should obey the arrangements for staff, and put on life jackets. The implementation of the securitymeasures, do not drop one's guard.

4 have high blood pressure, heart disease, people should not dive.

Diving should pay attention to what?

First, the basic principles

1, comply with the principle of two peers, to keep up with the coach.

2, must wear a matching jacket.

3, final with weight belt.

4, do not use earplugs.

5, masks must be cleaned with water.

6, do not do super breathing action.

In 7, leave the water and then remove the mask, flippers, a breathing tube.

Two, when alone.

1, keep calm.

2, let yourself go up, expand their horizons, looking for his side, or if not found, is floating on the surface of the water, observe the bubbles on the surface of the water is the place where it was.

3, if more than 10 minutes also found no companion, you must back into the water.

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