"Flights"? A large dial cheating is close to you...

Your flight is cancelled "into the new tricks


Recently, Chengdu Miss Bai online shopping during the National Day round-trip ticket from Beijing to Chengdu, the day of receipt of the confirmation message. In October 6th, she was in Beijing, received a text message, said the return flight was canceled, need meal or refund. A white lady immediately call the customer service phone message left, she let the false customer service first meal handle transfer by bank card, and then pay is not successful, need to re purchase, and then return the original purchase of the ticket, so in the course of contacts, a total lie to her 11461.82 yuan. In fact, Miss Bai originally booked the flight did not cancel.
Coincidentally, Dalian Ms. Zhu purchased a October 14th Shanghai CZ6524 flight to dalian. On the day before the trip, she received a text message saying "meal ticket, the flight was canceled due to mechanical failure, after receiving the message, contact with the company, for a refund or altered tickets for you, so as not to affect travel. If the refund, refund, in addition to compensate for the loss of 100 yuan. Meal charge 20 yuan fee." This text notes China Southern Airlines customer service telephone number is "4008225355", and that the effective information within 8 hours. Ms. Zhu in accordance with the other operation was defrauding 2000 yuan. In fact, the flight was not canceled, the airline has never issued a similar information. The message of China Southern Airlines customer service phone is fake.

It is difficult to distinguish the liar caliber professional passengers

This kind of "flight cancellations fraud SMS", particularly confusing for flight operations are not familiar with the passengers: "dear so and so visitors: hello. Your reservation in October 22nd * * * * flights have been canceled, resulting in not a normal takeoff, after receiving the message please contact with the company, for a refund or altered tickets for you, so no tickets no flights (Note: a full refund, refund and return 100 yuan, meal to be charged 20 dollars fee) for you please forgive the inconvenience! Customer service phone: x x x x x, valid for 5 hours!" At first glance seems not to have what problem, it is not too familiar with the airline passenger flow to scare.
The most terrible is, such fraudulent messages accurately know the identity card number and flight information of the victim, as long as after the phone is turned on, the liar will be asked the victim to change my ticket, but once again the transfer by bank card, can the ticket, ticket and then refund the original ticket money, business owners will often for gospel truth, and in accordance with the liar step by step instructions into a trap.
According to reports, liar fraud process are often the first text messages to inform consumers of flights canceled, and leave contact information, and identity card number and flight information consumers agree. Once again, to allow consumers to change flight, with the first payment bank card again before they can transfer meal ticket, ticket successfully restored ticket money back. Finally, provide consumers with another customer bank card transactions, and received a reminder, require consumers to provide authentication code, consumers for gospel truth, reported to the other verification code, complete a transfer.

To remind the industry: charge non passenger personal reasons will not change

For visitors to reflect the "is not a normal flight takeoff" fraud SMS, insiders said the passengers causes meal, refund, refund fees charged in accordance with the regulations, passengers change fees, charge ratio due to the airlines discount tickets, tickets, individual or group tickets, planes are flying around different (retreat meal time) and the difference. The airline itself causes canceled flights, airlines can be a full refund, free transfer, change, no fee charged to passengers. So the airlines can not mention "fee charged 20 yuan in the notice".
Secondly, after receiving the message, to carefully identify the message source, carefully check the flight number, date and destination information, reasons for cancellation. Airlines use 5 digit customer service number, usually at the beginning of the 955 5-6 number. The general case of inclement weather, the major airlines canceled flights rarely.

Information on how to identify true and false disclosure of inconclusive police weapon

In view of the above situation, there are many netizens questioned, cheats can cheat, or a system CNAC letter out vulnerabilities, hackers use; or is the ghost, the passengers booking information to those who cheat. Otherwise, how to explain those fraudsters to purchase know so clearly?
In this regard, the police said, with the money received the relevant information, do not believe, do not sign the message in the URL or respond to telephone messages; not free to transfer funds to a strange account. Notice of change of flight delay, etc., the airline will generally choose to call the artificial way, which does not involve the amount of bank card number, etc.. The simplest way is to verify the airline official website or call the customer service hotline 24 hours to check. In addition, in the smart phone equipped with flight information APP can receive accurate flight information push, avoid to be deceived.

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