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  • Wild vegetables
    Potherb long-term growth and reproduction in natural environment, mountains, grasslands, strong vitality, natural pollution-free. Wild vegetables into the dish, has the characteristics of texture of fresh, unique flavor, …
  • Rose Tea
    Rose tea with fresh roses and tea buds are mixed according to a certain proportion, and the use of modern high technology manufacturing high-grade tea, the aroma of a thick, light, and not fierce. Rose, has the effect of …
  • Rose Honey
    Rose Honey: spleen liver qi, detoxification, suitable for irregular menstruation, liver and stomach pain. Honey in treatment has the following effects: laxative. For the prevention of constipation. In rape honey, camellia…
  • Rose egg
    Rose: regulating qi and activating blood, egg the efficacy of Shugan Jieyu, beauty emollients origin: Rose Manor hotline: 0379-69739999
  • Rose essential oil
    Rose essential oil is the world's most expensive oil, known as the "oil after". Can adjust the female endocrine, nourish the uterus, alleviate dysmenorrhea, improve sex apathy and menopausal symptoms. Especially…
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