Overseas travel tour

According to the "Interim Measures for the administration" Chinese citizens traveling abroad, Chinese citizens travel abroad at their own expense, to implement the "principle of management organization, plan, control" development, which is mainly through the form of the team to the agreement, more than three people can travel.
Tourists only need to bring my ID card, residence booklet, an inch bareheaded photo 15, or by the relevant departments of the state approved organization Chinese citizens traveling abroad travel agency to register first, leading the table, fill in a form, and then fill in the form I unit or street after the signing of the views and then returned to the travel agency, and make necessary travel expenses, the travel agency to run the procedures, notify the travel arrangements to travel abroad, after the food, housing, travel, etc. the special guide for.
If the applicant has not been approved travel documents, the travel agency shall inform travelers, in addition to deduct a certain fee, the remaining amount returned. If the applicant to poor health, action inconvenience, not to participate in tourism; pregnant women are not to accept the application; the public security bureau does not allow the people to go abroad, the travel agency can not accept its natural to travel abroad.
At present, Chinese citizens travel abroad to countries and regions in Singapore only, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Hongkong, Macao and China, to travel in other countries and regions have been in the planning and pilot process.
Our country "where open border day"?
So far, China has to open the "border day":
1 day trip to China DPRK border. It is jointly by the Liaoning Dandong city and North Korea Tourism Department opened, tourists can visit the capital city of Sinuiju North pyongan.
2 day tour to the Sino Russian border. Heilongjiang Heihe, Tongjiang City, the east city Xunke County town and chick with Russia's Amur region, the capital city of Blagoveshchensk, Moscow and city, Su Ning in Sooke and sub arts town opened a day. In addition, Inner Mongolia, Manchuria and Russia Chita State tour city also opened a one day tour.
Old border tour in 3, between two countries. Ruili in Yunnan province and across the river in southern Burma opened a day, Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture and Laos Namtha launched the "Mengla and South" one day tour.
4 day tour to the Sino Vietnamese border. The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and Vietnam Tourism Sector jointly launched the "Pingxiang to Liangshan Tour", "Dongxing one day tour to Mong cai".

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