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Longtan Grand Canyon natural oxygen bar, attract foreign friends come to visit!

Longtan Grand Canyon natural oxygen bar, attract …

Today, the Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic ushered in a number of special guests, from as far away as Germany, Russia, these foreign friendsComing added a beautiful scenery line for the scenic area. They play in thescenic area, the "first tier waterfall" there to playThe Tai Chi, hundreds of people in the group activities, and add more vitality to scenic spots!
To address the issue of comprehensive reform to improve the level of management of quality of servic

To address the issue of comprehensive reform to i…

Recently, the National Tourism Administration in the Longtan Grand Canyonof unannounced visits to review, I have put forward the scenic parking management Confusion, problems such as poor accommodation, and given a yellow card warning, rectification. We are shocked and hurt Heart. It reveals in the construction, management and service are still behind the idea, work is not solid, the standard is not high, Problems such as lack of execution. For the existing problems, we do not evade, do not hide the ugly, height takes seriously, seriously To be. After obtaining the news, the first time held a leadership meeting, studythe rec…

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