"The blockade of Bangkok" Thailand tourism is also safe?

Multinational send to Thailand travel warning


Thailand's anti-government organization "blockade of Bangkok action" was officially launched in January 13, 2014, a large number of people living in Bangkok are affected to varying degrees. The blockade action 13 days morning 9 when officially kicked off, some opposition protesters since 12 pm already carried out the assembly. At present, has been basically Bangkok 7 major sections and 8 important building was blocked, Thailand police deployed about 20000 police to maintain security and order, the overall situation is relatively flat. Multinational send to Thailand travel warning, in the face of the unrest in Thailand, many of the current per capita, during the Spring Festival travel to Thailand expressed great concern.
Thailand political crisis since 2006, 5 large-scale demonstrations in 8 years, covering the 6 tourist season China, "spoil" country tour of Thailand. In the meantime, the number of tourists in China has the highest rate of nearly four.

Bangkok travel to avoid the 6 venue

At present, the Bangkok rally is still very peacefully, 6 chance to place the main, please avoid to tourists.
1 Pathumwan crossroads
2 Lat Phrao democracy monuments
3 Chaengwattana Road, the government building
4 Lumpini Park (Silom Road)
5 Asoke junctions
6 Rajaprasong junctions
The travel agency to remind visitors, try to follow the big forces, Caution!; be sure to avoid demonstrations and rallies near the area, try to avoid going out at night, strengthen the self-protection; not a red or yellow clothing, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble to oneself.

National Tourism Bureau of Thailand suggestions: take the light rail, subway to the airport in advance

During the parade, Thailand's two largest airport and the major attractions are open as normal. National Tourism Bureau of Thailand, visitors need to start early, in order to avoid the above meeting place and region and to choose the best ride light rail, subway and airport express to the airport. In addition, from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, Phuket, Su Mei and other tourist flights are in normal operation, has not been affected by the Bangkok demonstrations.
In addition, Bangkok and Thailand life as usual, all banks, gas station, gas station, hotel, spa, theater, conference center, shopping mall, supermarket, convenience stores, pharmacies, hospitals and similar place beans in the business as usual. Communications traffic throughout the day.
Recording of calls for a rainy day
The hotline provides (in Chinese and English He Taiwen) tourism information and advisory services:
National Tourism Bureau of Thailand call center: 1672
Su Van Knapp International Airport call center: 1722
Tourist police call center: 1155

The travel to Thailand travel adjustment

Reporters from several travel agency was informed that, at present, has not received notice of China National Tourism Administration on the ban on travel to Thailand or related knowledge, the airline also no notice to cancel flights to Thailand, the travel agency travel team is still in the normal and the group of closed off.
For Thailand tours, travel agencies generally related to the stroke adjustment. For example, bypassing downtown Bangkok populated areas, such as the The Grand Palace, Wat Haw Pha Kaew, the Royal Hall, changed to Ayutthaya, including a Judea City, three Temple, city of trees with Buddha and other attractions, starting with Bangkok similar cultural history tour.
Avoid tour Bangkok Thailand other areas is recommended
Chiang Mai City small fresh
As the ancient capital of the Lanna Kingdom, sat in the southeast North of Chiang Mai, a geographical and cultural crossroads here are very important, the intersection of a hundred flowers contend in beauty of mountains and rivers, the four seasons, the air exudes a charming atmosphere of classical, but most attract travelers than the city seems to never change the free style. Some people say, is located in the north of Chiang Mai Thai has a completely different and Thailand hot side of the pure and fresh and free from vulgarity, walk in Chiang Mai, thinking it would gradually pull away, and bring the freehand brushwork makes everything beautiful emptying the city become more and more important.
Krabi Island
Krabi island in the south of Thailand, and the Phuket Island across the sea. Krabi has more than 30 of Islands, off the coast of Dammam is the most beautiful place. Soft white sand, crystal clear water, warm palm trees swaying in the wind, waterfalls flow flow without a break, wild animal is everywhere shuttle, the original ecological very.


Elephant Island

Different from Koh Samui's elegant and bustling Phuket Island, as the island is still in a primitive state of nature. As the island is located in the East Pattaya, Thailand's second largest island, is renowned for its tropical jungle. White sand beach here is very famous. White beach is located in the west of the island, a lot of Youthotel, bars and restaurants gathered on the beach. Zero zero all kinds of pavement or street, everyone is smiling to greet the guest.

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