Longtan Grand Canyon
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Brief introduction of company and the scenic area

      Luoyang Wanshan Lake Tourism Company Limited was established in 1998 December, is a set of tourism planning and development, operation and management, investment,
      Comprehensive tourism enterprises in services as a whole, the development of Longtan Grand Canyon scenic mountains and purple.
Longtan Grand Canyon since 2005, development and construction, has always been adhering to the "first-class, first-class, first-class management, first-class service development"
      The operating principle, adhere to the "integrity management, in accordance with the law, the creation of management excellence, return to the society", uphold the principle of "humanity, students
Development state and standardized, digital, internationalization, personalized ", the formation of a unique corporate culture, a high standard of scenic spots
The construction and the great leap forward brand building, fruitful: in 2005 was named the "National Geological Park"; in 2006 March won the "excellent tourism China
The destination "," the most potential for development of scenic area "title; in September 18, 2006 was listed by UNESCO named" world geological character
Garden "; 2006 November was selected as one of" Luoyang new king "; in 2007 November by the National Tourism Administration approved for the AAAA level scenery
In 2009 December by the district; the China Association for science and technology assessment for the "national popular science education base"; in 2013 January by the National Tourism Bureau for approval
      The national AAAAA level scenic spots. The United Nations Educational, scientific and Cultural Organization World Geological Park evaluation experts praised the Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Spot is "the most beautiful in the world
Canyon "and" everyone in the world is the place "; in 2013 February, is the most influential international USA CNN (cable news
Network) top forty China's most beautiful spots, Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Spot of Henan scenic area is the only selected.
Thorns purple mountains scenic development and construction began in October 2013, in strict accordance with the national AAAAA scenic standards created, at the same time.
      One of the main scenic spots in Meishan world geological park. Thorns purple mountains around the mountains there are Tiantan, main peak 829 meters above sea level, north of the Yellow River, the wall
Li Ren million, is the best spots to watch the scenery on both sides of the Yellow River reservoir in Xiaolangdi Dam, the "Jing Zisheng Lan" was listed as the first eight Xin'an scene, is
      The Yellow River tourism with a bright pearl, is a set of Taoism culture, tourism, ecological leisure, vacation homes, outdoor sports, this paper
Comprehensive study as one of the scenic spots.
      With the formation of "Longtan Grand Canyon + Purple Mountain gold Jing two tour", for Xin'an tourism to create more new tomorrow. We are one
Straight unremitting efforts, is moving to a higher level of brand strategy, in order to build the national first-class, world-renowned tourist destination and make unremitting efforts.

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