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Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Spot is located in Luoyang City, HenanProvince, Xin'an County, 70 kilometers away from Luoyang, 180 kilometers to Zhengzhou, even Huo high-speed,

The 310 National Highway, Longhai railway across the county, superior location, convenient transportation. Longtan Grand Canyon is the Meishanworld geological park.

The center view, has won the "National Geological Park", "the most development potential of China scenic spot", "Chinese excellent tourism

Destination "," World Geological Park "," national AAAAA level scenic area ","national popular science education base "title,

Enjoy the "Chinese 1st gorge", "Ko Mihiro" natural museum ", the greatest Canyon" and "the Yellow River landscape gallery",

"Foreigner in the eyes of the most beautiful scenic spots" reputation. LongtanGrand Canyon is a purple quartz sandstone from the follow-up by the watercut

The formation of the deep canyon, a total length of 12 km, Yamauchi Tani, AI valley was beaded distribution, The rosy clouds are slowly rising., Whitewater splash, red

In shade, steep precipices and cliffs, in different periods of water cut, rotary corrosion, wear scar is very clear, the collapse of the mountain

Spectacular collapse crack rare both at home and abroad. Area of the sixnature Mystery (water flow uphill, the Giant Buddha Luo Hanya, fingerprint,stone

On Butterfly Spring, mumbo-jumbo, immortal footprint (five) seven secluded lake waterfall, Longtan Lake, Dragon Lake, ambergris, Wolong Black dragon Pool

Tan, Tan, Tan Yin and Yang of Phragmites australis) natural wonders of eight(a day, Inoue Harukaaki monument, stone niche urn Valley, mountain stone,corrugated

Collapse, channeling lane, the valley of welcome, silver chain hanging days)is breathtaking, indulge in pleasures without stop. Red rock cliffs, waterfalls

The quiet lake, rocks trees, forming the world's rare landscape gallery.

   Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Area with beautiful environment, complete facilities, standardized management, quality service to welcome your arrival!

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