Longtan Grand Canyon kite kite festival of music

Activity time: April 15th -- May 15th

一、Kite show

One bright spot: the Dragon welcome

The entrance of the scenic spot, as the starting point to use the dragon kite exhibition, welcome!

Highlight two: the theme of kite

Longteng leap

Tengda Longfeng

Butterflies in Love with Flowers

Combination: the big kite

Large kites have a bright future. combination:

Cartoon Paradise: Angry Birds

Peacock flaunting its tail

Stand gracefully erect

Beautiful shape, clear theme, colour is gorgeous, elegant and clever kiteSpring is in the air. scenic look more a riot of colours.

Highlight three: a kite

The butterfly, the variety of kite kite only composed of 300 other corridors,enjoy the visual feast. At the same time with the super large kite is placed in the area on both sides of the entrance.

Highlight four: a three-dimensional sign wall

In the scenic area, set up on-site attendance background, visitors can leave their name at the same time, also can take a photo.

Two, cool kite performance

Show time: April 18th, 19

In April 25th, 26

In May 1st, 2

In May 8th, 9

(morning and afternoon, every 2 hours)

Stunt kite formation performance

Invite domestic famous stunt kite team perform live performances. Show 2 to 3 times a day, a weekend show.

Traditional kite performance

To invite well-known kite performance groups, on-site traditional kiteperformance characteristics, site visitors will see hundreds of meters dragon.Special type kite Qifang, a feast for the eyes.

Super large kite.


Flying two meters of the giant dragon kite -- this nation of the dragon, dragon world!

Three, the interaction of kite DIY

The interaction time: May 1st - 3 day three days

It invited folk kite kite making process of celebrities live performances, the use of celebrity and unique skills, to attract more tourists to come!

DIY interactive.

The interaction time: May 1st - 3 day three days

A feat of intangible cultural heritage

Elaborate his kite, experience to move the fun, and feel happy to fly.

Fly free zone

The interaction time: May 1st - 3 day three days

For present the visitor with kite flying area.

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