South Lao Balu, where are you?

Luoyang Xin'an is the old revolutionary base areas. 1944 December to 1945August, the Eight Route Army 359 brigade to south main composition

Detachment, successively in three echelon, from Luoyang Purple Mountain.The ferry the Yellow River Shiqu tower line crossing the Yellow River,

The troops on the south, open up the Central Plains and Southern China Anti Japanese base area. With Wang Zhen as commander, political commissar of the South Wang Shoudao

The first detachment of more than 5000 people, in December 26, 1944 set foot ice night across the Yellow River, from Shiqu to the ancient ferry landing,

Xin'an, the Communist Party of China to the second "Long March", was included in the glorious annals of China's revolution.

To commemorate the 70 anniversary of China's Anti Japanese War and the world anti fascist war victory and patriotism of the young people

Education and revolutionary heroism, large open-air concert by Luoyang JingZi scenic mountains and organized by Luoyang Normal University

-- "the Yellow River cantata", will be on the eve of the anniversary of thepurple mountains. The shore of the Yellow River, held in the victory of the Anti Japanese war,

We will invite the old road south detachment or their children participate in activities on behalf of the opening ceremony and speech. Therefore, the Communist Party of China

Xin'an County Luoyang party history research room, Wei Jing Zi scenic mountains and launched on the Internet "for the Eighth Route South detachment"

Every year, the old road south detachment is still alive, is to find the object.There are insiders, can provide the following

Information: name, age, when the unit (specific to the battalion, company and platoon), title, position, family before retiring

Children represent the address, and contact information is sent to the:

The CPC Xin'an County Committee Party History Research Office

Luoyang Longtan Grand Canyon or email

Where the provision of effective information, invited to participate in the concert and a free trip to Jing Zi scenic mountains and Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic spot.

Contact phone number: 0379-67134180/182

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