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Longtan Grand Canyon since 2005, development and construction, has always been adhering to the "first-class, first-class development,

The first-class management, first-class service "business principles, adhere to the" integrity of management, in accordance with the law, the creation ofexcellence,

Return to the society "management philosophy, uphold the principle of"humanity, ecology, standardization, digitization, the internationalization,

Development of individual ", the formation of a unique corporate culture, high standard construction of scenic spot and across

Brand creation, fruitful: in 2005 was named the "National Geological Park"; in 2006 March

"China outstanding tourist destination", "the most potential for development ofscenic area" title; in September 18, 2006 by the United

UNESCO was officially named as the "World Geological Park"; in 2006November was named "Luoyang City

"One of the eight wonders; in 2007 November by the National Tourism Administration approved for the AAAA level scenic area in 2009 December;

By the China Association for science and technology assessment for the"national popular science education base"; in 2013 January by the National Tourism Bureau

Approved as a national AAAAA level scenic spots. UNESCO World Geoparkexpert Sheng Zanlong

Lake Grand Canyon Scenic Spot is "the world's most beautiful canyon" and"everyone in the world is the place" in 2013;

In February, the most influential international America CNN (CNN) named the most beautiful Chinese forty

Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic spots, Henan is the only selected area!

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